The intel budget category of CPUs can get a bit confusing. You have the intel Celeron, intel Pentium and the Intel bộ vi xử lý core i3 all in the seemingly “budget” or “entry-level” categories of CPUs.

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In many instances having so many lines of budget CPUs seems a bit redundant. However, there are a plethora of differences between Pentium and Core i3 processors that make them quite distinct from each other.

In the simplest of terms, the hãng sản xuất intel Pentium CPUs are INFERIOR to the Intel chip core i3 CPUs in terms of performance. However, the hãng intel Pentium CPUs are also cheaper.

The clear demarcation of price and performance between these two hãng sản xuất intel CPUs line make them both still quite viable for their respective market segment.

We will explore the differences between the two further more below.

Source: CPU-MonkeyHowever, if your workload does not make use of so many cores và threads, you will not see any kind of performance difference in your games or applications.

An over-the-top core count is often used by professionals và is used in đoạn clip rendering, simulation, machine learning, và also for simulation games such as Cities:Skyline and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Differences In Laptop-Based Intel bộ vi xử lý core i3 and Pentium CPUs

When it comes to di động or máy tính xách tay based CPUs, the key overall performance difference mirrors that of the desktop-based variants i.e the Intel chip core i3 is twice as powerful, whereas the Pentium is half as cheap.

However, there are a few key spec differences. For one, the laptop-based Intel vi xử lý core i3 has the same amount of cores as the intel Pentium.

The real winner for Intel vi xử lý core i3 for laptop-grade CPUs is the Turbo boost frequency. The Intel core i3-10110U can reach speeds of a whopping 4.1 GHz per core – almost twice as high as that of the hãng sản xuất intel Pentium Gold 6405U.

SpecsMSRP ($)PassMark(Single Core)PassMark(Multi Core)Passmark (Overall)
Intel Pentium Gold 6405U(Flagship)2/4 (c/t)2.4GHz161 ($)141323132359
Intel bộ vi xử lý core i3-10110U(Flagship)2/4 (c/t)2.1-4.1GHz281($)231340064064

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Final Words

Here we looked into the differences between Pentium và Core i3 processors from the latest generation.

We looked at a handful of desktop models for both CPU lines, however, the same general idea can be applied khổng lồ most, if not all, desktop and mobile grade Intel bộ vi xử lý core i3 và Intel Pentium CPUs.

The bottom line can be summarized as follows: While the hãng sản xuất intel Pentiums are half as cheap as Intel bộ vi xử lý core i3s, the Intel vi xử lý core i3s are more than twice as powerful.

As such, the value of money remains almost the same for both. The deciding factor between the two is your budget và the work you plan to perform.