Made in:Brand: japan - Made in: Thailand
Type:Inverter - 1-way type (cooling only)
Cooling Capacity:1.5 HP (1.5 Hp) ~ 12.000 Btu/h
Use For Room:Area 16 - trăng tròn m² or 48 - 60 m³ (suitable for office living room)
Power input (Ph/V/Hz):1 trộn 220 - 240 V 50Hz
Power consumption (kW):1.05 kW
Refrigerant/ Liquid Pipe Diameter (mm):6.35 / 9.52
Maximum Pipe Length:15 m
Maximum Elevation Length:12 m
Cooling Seasonal Performance Factor (CSPF):5.1
Energy Efficiency Level:5 sao
Indoor Unit
Indoor Unit Dimensions (mm):293 x 800 x 226 mm
Indoor Unit Net Weight (Kg):10 kg
Outdoor Unit
Outdoor Unit Dimensions (mm):530 x 660 x 240 mm
Outdoor Unit Net Weight (Kg):22 kg

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Capacity:12.200 Btu/hMagic Coil technologyHybrid Inverter công nghệ saves một nửa energyEco mode nguồn savingFast cooling modeMonolithic designPlasma ion technologyToshiba IAQ technologyAnti-mold filterSelf-cleaning functionNight operation modeLarge fan hâm mộ design creates strong windsAdjustable seven tín đồ speedsHada Care's flap kiến thiết protects the skinSwing flap with 72o opening angleAdjust the wind directionInstalling "One-touch"Gas R32


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55 inch
43 inch